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Bringing Furniture Back to Life

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Bringing Furniture Back to Life

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About us

Courtney Theessen is the proud owner of Ageless.  We started paint techniquing furniture in May 2017 and have evovled to what it is today.

We are based on the North coast, in Zinkwazi Beach. Where most of our clients have holiday houses, which ties in perfectly with the rustic beach feel.

What we do

We provide techniquing services to clients’ own furniture, as well as sell our own items. The most popular techniques that we do are; white wash, distressing and your old fashioned solid look. As well as many others.

We sell a few decor items which consists of cushions, frames and mirrors

“Never start a business just to ‘make money’ Start a business to make a difference”

Marie Forleo

This quote is an expression of who we are. Revamping your worn out furniture with a fresh new look